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Electronic Measuring Unit for Diesel Injection Pumps

The measuring and control unit CRP-FM is the new combined and optimized solution of CPFM and CP Tester together.

The measurement block of CRP-FM designed to test and verify the performance of diesel injection pumps (high pressure fuel pumps) of the Common Rail system. The device has two channels for measuring the strait. In each meter (sensor) of the strait is a temperature sensor that measures the temperature of the liquid.

The controller of CRP-FM is intended for supplying user-programmable control signals to the pressure regulators of the test system and the injection pump of the Common Rail system to check their operability (volumetric capacity, maximum pressure).

Software ARM Diesel CP with the test plans is included.

Range of the measured stream

3–1200 l / hour

Accuracy of flow measurement, in the range of 10-150l / hour, not more than

+/- 2l / hour

Accuracy of flow measurement, in the range up to 10 and more than 150 l / h

not more than 1%

Permissible temperature range of the measured flow

-20 – +90 ° C

Error of measurement of temperature of a stream, no more

+/- 2 ° C

Supply voltage

~ 220 V ± 15%

Power consumption, no more

350 W

Software                     Software

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List of test plans

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