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Solenoid (electromagnetic) Injector Testing

For measuring currents, RL and GAP in electromagnetic injectors 

The Valve Tester V2 is designed to diagnose and measure the operating parameters of the control solenoid valves of the fuel equipment (for example, Common Rail injectors, unit injectors and sections). The Valve Tester allows you to tune the control solenoid to ensure that it operates in the same way for all engine cylinders (to ensure smooth engine operation).

The operating parameters of the control solenoid valve are among the basic parameters (along with the hydraulic parameters of the metering device and the compression value in the cylinders) and directly affect the uniformity of fuel delivery and the uniformity of engine rotation.

The device allows you to determine the following parameters of the control solenoid valve using a control signal:

  • measurement of solenoid’s operating current;
  • measurement of solenoid’s release current;
  • indirect measurement of the air gap of the solenoid valve;
  • measuring the inductance of solenoid;
  • measuring the active resistance of solenoid.
  • measuring of insulation resistance under voltage

Supply voltage, V

~ 220 V ± 15%;

Power consumption, W, no more

350 W

Mass of the device:


Dimensions (length x width x height)

240 x 287 x 70

Software                     CRNext.rar

Firmware                    ValveTester-v1_82_20230920_2.0_11.3_NL0.exe

Documentation            Valve Tester V1 EN


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