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Piezo Injector Tester

Device for checking the electrical parameters of piezoelectric diesel injectors


  • Measurement of piezo actuator resistance;
  • Measurement of piezo actuator capacitance;
  • Measuring of insulation resistance;
  • Measurement of clearance between the piezo actuator and the valve tappet;
  • Piezo actuator control by DC or pulse voltage;
  • Wireless control from PC via Bluetooth (optional);
  • Battery operation in autonomous mode (battery optionally available).

Insulation resistance

1 MΩ … 10 GΩ

Piezoelectric resistance

100 kΩ … 1 MΩ

Resistance measuring accuracy

± 2% + 3.e.m.

Piezoelectric capacity

0.5 … 10.0 μF

Capacity measurement accuracy

± 0.3 μF

Voltage setting range of the piezo element

20 … 160 V

Rated supply voltage / frequency

100-240V AC / 50-60 Hz

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