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JET4-E.1 Hart

Electronic Control Unit for Common Rail Fuel System

The measuring unit Jet4-E1-Hart is an electronic unit that controls the electrical elements of the Common Rail fuel system, measures the injector volume delivery and the injector return flow rate. It is used as part of the test bench equipment. This system was developed specifically for upgrading the old Hartridge CR PC test benches. The design is adapted to the shape of the original device. After retrofitting, the test stand has all the original functions as well as new ones and can be easily switched over.


Supply voltage

100-240V AC 50/60 Hz

Rated current


Measuring range of the measuring unit

0,01-400 mm³/ injection

Accuracy of measurement within the range 0,01-100mm³


Accuracy of measurement within the range 0,01-400mm³


Resolution capacity

0,01 mm³/ injection

Overall dimensions HxWxD

520 х 650 х 290 mm

Net weight (excluding fluids and installation kit)

65 kg

Minimum volume of test liquid in the system tank


Flow of test liquid when creating a vacuum

8 l/min

Maximum vacuum

-0.8 bar

Fluids to be used: Test liquid

Calibration oil ISO 4113

Software                     ARM Diesel 8.87



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