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Controller for Common Rail Injectors

Single and Multi Channel Injector Testing

Diesel Tester CR-IP.1-4I controller for testing and verification of performance of Common Rail system diesel injectors, guaranteed by the manufacturer. Diesel Tester CR-IP.1-4I controller is an electronic unit that controls electrical elements of Common Rail fuel system. It is used as a part of the test bench equipment, it is controlled by “ARM-Diesel” software. The device is designed for diagnosing of Common Rail system injectors manufactured by Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens VDO on the test bench. The device provides:

  • Simultaneous control of 1-4 nozzles*;
  • control of electromagnetic injectors of light series from 14 V voltage;
  • control of electromagnetic nozzles of cargo series with supply voltage of 28 V;
  • piezoelectric nozzle control;
  • control of Common Rail fuel injection engines of CP1, CP3 systems;
  • control of the measuring unit curtain;

*The “Diesel tester CR-IP.1I” can control 1 injector at a time, the “Diesel tester CR-IP.4I” can control 4 injectors.

Supply voltage, V

~220 V ±15%

Power consumption, W, not more than

350 W

Curtain control relay load

5A 250V AC, 5A 24V DC

Unit weight

5 kg

Dimensions (width x height x depth)

520 x 650 x 290 mm

Software                      ARM Diesel 8.87

Firmware                     CR-IP Tester – 0.017

Documentation            Diesel Tester CR-IP.1-4I EN


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