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Testing of piezo-electric injectors control element

The Flow Box M allows a simple visual test of the performance of the piezo-electric injector control element. It is used in addition to the Mega Tester V4.

It is known that the piezo-electric element elongates when an electrical voltage is applied to it and does mechanical work (it pushes the injector valve tappet when the control pulse is applied from the car control unit). The linear expansion depends on the voltage applied (the higher the voltage, the greater the elongation). Defective piezo elements lose part or completely this property. In this case, the injector valve does not open sufficiently and the vehicle engine will not function properly.
For this test, a compressor with an air pressure of 6-8 bar must be connected to the Flow Box M. On the Mega Tester V4 select the test mode “Stroke”, connect the cable to the injector and set the voltage. Connect the tubes from the Flow Box M to the flow and back flow of the injector, set the air pressure applied in the injector and measure the air flow through the injector valve.
The value for comparison can be viewed in the Mega Tester software or measured on a new / working injector.





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