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BOSCH Injector 0445117027


2967 ccm, 155 KW, 211 CV
2967 ccm, 176 KW, 239 CV
2967 ccm, 160 KW, 218 CV
2967 ccm, 180 KW, 245 CV

Car brandModelSizeCVYearsEngine Code / other specifications
AudiA43.0 d2452011 – …CDUC, CKVB, CKVC, TDI, quattro, 8K2, 8K5, 8KH, B8
AudiA53.0 d2452011 – …CDUC, CKVB, CKVC, TDI, quattro, 8F7, 8T3, 8TA
AudiA63.0 d2452011 – …CDUC, CKVB, CKVC, TDI, quattro, 4G2, 4G5, C7

We sell injectors for exchange:
The indicated price includes the return of an old injector. If you do not wish to return the old injector, a deposit of 50 euros per injector will be charged. The deposit will be returned to the indicated account number after receiving the old injector with the same number as the purchased one. You have 30 days to send back the old injector.

We sell globally:
Ordering via our online store is only offered for companies located in Germany or other European countries. If your company is not located in the EU, please send us an
individual request.

85,00 240,00 

Delivery time: 1-2 working days

Delivery times:

Delivery times vary depending on available stock.
For products in stock at the national warehouse, delivery time is 1-2 working days.
For products out of stock, please wait for our indication.


All remanufactured products have a 1 year warranty.
All new products have a 2-year warranty.
Contact our technical support in case of malfunction or defect.

Gewicht0,8 kg

For each injector, the customer receives:
test protocol
new assembly kit
instruction and assembly requirements

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